Bedgebury Equestrian Services

Contact our current yard manager, Paul Ryan on: 07943 873 931

Bedgebury Park, Kent

The Maple Leaf arena: 20 x 60m

The Whispering Pine arena: 25 x 50m

The Old Oak arena: 20 x 40m

Courtyard stables and lungeing arena



The facilities at Bedgebury Park are amongst the best in the South East and way too good to stand idle. So, we are very pleased to announce that Bedgebury will be opening its stable doors to full liveries from March 2016, under the professional management of Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan
Paul is a professional rider and a BHSII trainer with 25 years experience in the equine industry and has been running a very successful livery yard in Westerham. Paul’s enthusiasm for the highest quality of equine care is impressive and Paul’s mantra of ‘treating every livery as it it were his own horse’ is very much aligned with our own ethos and we are really looking forward to working with Paul over the coming years.

Call Paul now on: 07943 873 931 or email [email protected]

"Brilliant news - Paul has looked after my horses and taught me for years. He is absolutely fab and will make Bedgebury a first rate yard, his care for the horses is top notch and he fosters a fun and friendly atmosphere wherever he goes. I absolutely loved being his livery. There's no one better to put Bedgebury Park back on the map and when I get my new horse I know exactly where I'll be keeping it" Sophie